“Knowledge moves us forward and our community keeps us together.”

The Amazing Human Body

OU Medicine

“Knowledge moves us forward and our community keeps us together.”

Hope is at the Center: Dr. Talbert

Breast Cancer

“One in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.”

Alive and Well: Denise

Primary Care

“I’ve just never wanted to go anywhere else.”

Hope Is At The Center

Stephenson Cancer Center

“You realize life is short, and you realize what is important.”

Brilliant Potential

The Children’s Hospital

Children Have Brilliant Potential

Alive and Well: James

Adult Neurology

“I’m living proof that you can survive.”

Alive and Well: Madison

Children’s Orthopedics

“It was the best feeling, just getting back out on that field.”

What Makes Us Human?

OU Medical Center Edmond

“There’s life in Edmond. Live it well.”

Alive and Well: Adrienne

Women’s Health

“I wouldn’t imagine delivering anywhere else.”


  • Comprehensive Children’s Heart Center
  • Comprehensive Children’s Hospital
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Comprehensive Health System
  • Health Research Campus
  • Largest Group of Medical Specialists
  • Only Trauma One Center
  • Largest Physician Group